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GKR&A provides detailed, accurate and dependable estimating. Often times these services are turned around within 24 hours to accommodate final lease negotiations.


GKR&A competitively bids tenant build outs, common area improvements and lobby renovations. We specialize in fast tracked projects, high end millwork and renovations / expansion of existing facilities. Office space, medical facilities, and defense contracting are our strength. GKR&A handles both large scaled or smaller scaled projects with equal aplomb. Whether your needs are 75,000 sq. ft. or a single conference room renovation, each client is made to feel like their project is the most important.

We have never failed to meet an agreed upon schedule and virtually every Building Owner or Manager that has employed GKR&A has been a repeat customer.

Design Build

If you are looking for a Design Build Contractor, GKR&A can assemble the negotiated work. The most valued relationship is negotiated contracting. It provides a competitive edge in the leasing of space when speed is the difference maker in closing deals. GKR&A has earned this kind of trust.